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Your personal secured connection
all over the world!
Unlocked 4G hotspot that keeps all your personal information secure at home and abroad
What is Nommi?
Roaming free
Nommi operates on a built-in eSIM or external nanoSIM in over 150 countries worldwide. It connects up to 10 devices at the same time.
Wi-Fi Extender
Extending any Wi-Fi coverage up to 100 ft. Reach maximum range of connection by putting Nommi between your stationery Wi-Fi router and the space you want to cover.
Nommi App
Gain full control of Nommi through the app. App updates are built on your preferences. Our technical support is always ready to help you and make your experience great.
Built-in VPN
Protect your privacy with a built-in VPN. Keep your personal data secure even when connected to public Wi-Fi.
Powerbank for 48 hours
Nommi Power has a high 10000 mAh power bank capacity which lasts for 48 hours and charges your device during travel.
"Pay as you go" data plans
"Pay as you go" data packages in 150+ countries. Nommi is compatible with most local and international SIM cards.
Nommi Slim
- Dimensions - 85x115x17mm
- Weight - 137g (4,8 ounces)
- Battery capacity - 5600 mAh
- Battery life - 24 hours
- Wireless charger - NO
Nommi Power
- Dimensions - 85x126x26mm
- Weight - 235g (8,28 ounces)
- Battery capacity - 10000 mAh
- Battery life - 48 hours
- Wireless charger - YES
Price: 99,99$
Price: 79,99$
"Nommi allows me to stay in touch with my friends & family"
"It is one of the most successfully crowdfunded projects"
"Nommi keeps your personal data safe"
"Worked extremely well, wifi on the Nommi is rock solid"
What our clients say about us
Very cute and compact helper in your trip :)
I've been following these guys since their crowdfunding some time ago. I think they are cool 🙂 Nice design, affordable prices for data and I absolutely love VPN with the device. I can't wait for my next trip to try Nommi out!!
John Murphy
Great device for your trip
Found Nommi when was looking for travel devices. Bought it right away and delivery was super fast. Instructions were very clear and I got connected right away. I appreciate the product for security and global connection.
Use it for laptop, downloading off Verizon data plan, for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and more on the go!
This might be the most exciting device I've gotten in years. Starting at $3 and only up to $3.60 per day you can access unlocked 4g data for any device that doesnt already have it. If you are on a capped data plan like my family is you can pay less to have even more data with Nommi.

I download shows off of Amazon and Netflix to watch while I travel for work. Ive streamed videos and look forward to attempting to stream more in the future during my travels, and if the connection isnt strong enough for a stream even on low quality, I can just download the stream when it's done, and enjoy watching sooner.
You won't be able to play competitive gaming, but on a strong 4g connection you can connect to coop online multiplayer games like I do to enjoy some single player online play in Warframe or Destiny.
A handy tool for a frequent traveller
Nommi has been a lifesaver for me so far. As a relatively frequent traveller, it was such a relief to know that I won't have to search for another cafe just to get connected. Tested the ARON feature a couple of times as well, have been working smooth so far. Overall, can't recommend Nommi more, really worthy stuff.
Our community around the globe
Our community around the globe
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